Feeling Down Or Making Excuses? You need personal growth or professional development STAT!

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  1. I recommend listening to a podcast, book or reading something in the area of personal growth or professional development at least 20 minutes a day just to keep even keel! Know what I mean here? It’s so hard to not get down and do nothing and by listening to the right fit for us in motivation, skills training, mind-set, or Bible Study, we can stay on track, working toward our goals.

2. Be intentional about spending time with people who support you.

This one gets tricky. You may have to spend less time with family and close friends. It depends on how much time you are with them now.

Sometimes friends and family are the most negative about your goals and vision for your life. You don’t have to not ever speak to them again, but you can be intentional about spending most of your free time with friends that support the direction you are going. Friends and family that are toxic, critical, not going anywhere themselves, will not like that you have a different vision for your own life. They say you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with so get in new rooms around people you look up to, those you see as successful.

Great Leaders Don’t Go Anywhere Alone- John Maxwell

3. You need a friend or mentor that you can talk to at least 1-2 times a week! A friend, someone who will be honest, give solid advice, someone with more experience than you or more success. We all need another set of eyes and ears to objectively work through our thinking and strategy for the week or month. This needs to be someone you would change places with in their career.

4. Learn To Catch Yourself Making Excuses and Self-Correct

This one is an ongoing journey. 100% What are the excuses you hear coming from your own mouth or in your head? Here are a few I hear from myself and others: “I can’t get anyone to show up for events.”, “I can’t afford it!”, “I can’t get off work to go.”, “Everyone is busy. It’s back to school. It’s Christmas. It’s summer.” I have a lot to say about excuses and will be doing a video on them soon, but basically, you take any excuse and turn it around to something positive like, “I haven’t had success yet getting people to my events but I bet I can watch some videos on it and learn some strategies to get better.” I can’t afford it. I hate this one! You can work extra or sell things to afford things you want or need! No one said one job was going to be enough. “I can’t get off work.” I would say, “Have you asked? Have you provided such value where you work that they will let you off work because they don’t want you to quit and they aren’t even going to think about firing you. “Everyone is busy.” – Ok, they are. But what value are you offering them? What’s in it for them? A night out? A raffle for a free product or service? A spa experience? A learning experience or tutorial they can’t get anywhere else? Time with you? A chance to network and meet others? Always be thinking what’s in it for them. Want help with your excuses? Send them to me and I will share my ideas with you. aj_shirey@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook. AJ Shirey

Let’s get after it! Dream Bigger. Don’t Stop! AJ Shirey