5 Habits of a Woman That Doesn’t Quit is a book I read this summer and it spoke to me in a way that the timing seemed creepily appropriate. Know what I mean? Sometimes I feel like the Holy Spirit has me read the books I need most. I certainly enjoy reading or listening to podcasts or books constantly.  Here is a link to this book but don’t forget you can get it free probably at your library or on the Hoopla app for free. I am not an affiliate for this book link but I think it’s awesome when people link up and get a few cents for their time and effort in helping others. Three cheers for women who hustle!! Book Link Here

So, I’m a quitter. I’ve quit 5 Network Marketing Companies. I’ve quit diets and working out a bazillion times! This book helps!

Second video is Part II. I did a series. Too many nuggets of truth for just one video book talk! 

Message me below using the form and tell me about a time you quit. Let me know if you have read this book and what you thought!