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This community is here to help you learn skills necessary to be effective in your business, develop an unshakeable mind-set, motivation to get you through disappointments, encouragement by finding other women to be friends with, social media training so you maximize your influence and keep your friends watching you, or find a friend because you have lost yourself while taking care of so many others. As a teacher with over 20 years experience teaching adults, AJ knows how the adult brain learns and can teach you if you are open to learning. If there is something you need help with in your business, send us a message and we will help you.

AJs Story

AJ has been helping others for 23 years as a teacher, school administrator, writer and leader. She loves to encourage and inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams. This blog and website is a community of women learning together. It’s here 24/7 because busy boss babes work early and late.


About Us

It feels good to find common ground to connect, and I hope this helps us get to know each other. I am married to a man nine years younger than me, scandelous I know. He’s my person and best friend, my Jason, but seriously, he is more mature and responsible than I ever wish to be. He’s the nerd. I’m the free spirit. We have two sons that are eight and 17. We currently live in Arkansas, but I hope to move around and see our beautiful country as I have not traveled as much as I want to.


Signing ALL the Release Forms!

I have a goal of doing at least six things a year that require me to sign a release form! So far this year I have signed them to go snorkeling in Bermuda, iFly sky diving simulation, taking dance lessons, doing a ropes course, and a few others. I will always have a Wanderlust section to show you that you can still have fun over 40 and be adventurous!


My Why

I come from a very humble background. My dad has been a pastor my whole life and my mom was a SAHM. We lived with friends for awhile when I was six after our church split and we literally lost our home in seven days. Those lovely Christian people gave us one week to move out of the parsonage.  I grew up thinking kids getting a Capri Sun in their lunch or if your house had brick on it, you were rich. We lived in McAlester, OK, just around the corner from the state penitentiary. Growing up with struggle, made me eager to work to earn a living. Now, I use this platform to show others how to leverage side-hustle businesses to increase cash flow for their family. I love to encourage potential and help women find others to connect with. We all need friends no matter our age. My Why keeps me serving you, helping you, no matter what that looks like.

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