So you have contacted your warm market already and you are faced with what to do next. Right? You have downloaded your friends list from Facebook and messaged them to let them know what you doing and to ask for referrals? No? Then, go do that. If you need directions on how to download your FB friends list, DM me.

Prospecting is you going fishing, not waiting for people to contact you.

Off line is face to face, belly to belly.

Tips for Face to Face Prospecting

  1. Go to everything you are invited to like showers, Birthday parties, and social events. Sit with/talk to people you don’t know and get to know them WITHOUT mentioning your business. Ask them what they do and if they ask you in return, mention it in a way that raises curiosity. DO NOT say your company name. I say something like, “I am an influencer for an anti-aging hair care company.”
  2. Your goal is to connect with that person before leaving the event by adding them on your social media or getting an email/phone number. You are going to use Attraction Marketing on your social media, so you need them to follow/add you.
  3. Say yes unless you have to say no. Someone gave me this advice once and I have enjoyed using it. If you tend to be negative when invited to go do something, try to take chances and attend new events and meet new people. My friends know I will go with them to events if their spouse can’t go. Charity events and non-profit fundraisers can be an excellent way to meet your target demographic.
  4. Volunteer but be selective. You want to network with your target demographic. Think about where you target demographic will be and find a non-profit or charity to support. You want to be around the most people not a position where you don’t meet anyone. Make sense? Think about “check in stations”, Registration tables, greeter, etc.
  5. Look online for local Networking opportunities. Here in Northwest Arkansas we have which is a billboard of all the best networking events. Find a calendar in your area and chose 2-3 you can visit a month to meet new people.
  6. Mingle. When you are at events, don’t get stuck talking to just one person the whole time. Try to connect with several. Sales is a numbers game.
  7. The fortune is in the follow up. No joke. You have to have a system to keep you on track. I will have a follow up post soon!
We step outside of our comfort zone for our family. Yes, you can do it!

Always keep learning and growing.

Wording for face to face.

If I’ve just met someone and we have established that I have a home-based business that’s flexible and I market hair care, I can ask them for referrals. “Hey, if you ever hear anyone complain about their hair, I would love to connect with them so I can send them some info and see if I can help.” If they say, “Oh, my hair is damaged or oily or ______, do you have products for me?” I then ask them a bunch of questions to get to see what they don’t like about their hair. NOTICE, I didn’t say, “Vomit on them for 15 min. about how you love each product and describe all the natural ingredients!” I didn’t say that because it’s a huge turn-off! ASK QUESTIONS and give short responses. Back and forth questions and answers is called a “Conversation.” (sarcasm intended.)

If I’m with a friend that I just don’t see very often like parents of other kids at birthday parties, I remind them gently who I’m looking for, “Hey Becky, I’m so excited you guys get to go to the beach this summer, I’m trying to earn a cruise for Jason and I with my hair business. Keep me in mind if you hear anyone say they are looking to make extra money but need flexibility and only if they are positive!” See? If my friend is interested in traveling or making extra money, she will ask me questions, and I will ask her more questions. My goal here is to gently prospect her but to also put the idea in her head to help me connect to others.

If she asks me questions about the opportunity, I would ask things like, “So how much are wanting to make each month? How many hours a week do you think you can spend using your phone sending messages and connecting online?” If they are still interested then I would try to schedule a coffee date or 3 way call with someone in my upline. I also tell them how much the “packages” are to get started right away. WHY? Because they need time to think of how they are going to pay for it.

Spend less time with more people. – Ray Higdon

It is a numbers game. You have to talk to tons of people. Getting a “no” is a blessing. It’s better than being ignored. Always thank the person that says, “No.”