You may call it network marketing, direct sales, or your side-hustle, but with e-commerce and social media leading the way, the most up to date title for you is that you are a Social Entrepreneur. When you start this endeavor you will hear things like, “Get out of your comfort zone. Do Facebook Live videos. Do cold market prospecting.” ALL Unfamiliar and Uncomfortable. BUT, they are better than the alternative… no change, no hope, settling. So, this blog is for you, the struggling SAHM with kids trying to help your family be able to live a little less stretched for cash, maybe have some mad money to buy shoes or a nice dinner out. It is for the full time working career woman, wanting to be more in control of her future and be able to take that dream vacation that has never happened. What I promise, is that you will learn, be inspired, and I hope to make you comfortably uncomfortable with yourself. Please leave me a comment and tell me who you are and how I can serve you here.