Your Facebook Profile Page can either help you in your business by being attractive, NOT spammy, appealing to prospects and clients or it can ruin your chances of ever succeeding building your biz online.

Most of what I will share today is around the concept of Attraction Marketing. If you follow my steps, people will message you, come to you, and you won’t be causing your friends to roll their eyes at your posts.

First of all we need to adjust your mindset about what your FB page is for. If you are serious about using social media to build your business, then you need to have a public profile. If you are afraid of people seeing your kids, then create a separate profile using a different name and only allow close friends and family on that page. But the page you have spent probably a decade building should be public.

Second, think of five brands you admire and love. Here are a few to help you out: Walmart, Coke, Chick Fil A, Target, and McDonalds. When you are thinking of complaining or throwing shade to anyone on your social media I want you to think about these brands and if they wouldn’t post that message, you don’t need to either. For some reason, people today think it’s ok to over-share intimate things in their life and I’m telling you it’s NOT! Keep your dirty laundry to your close friends and family not every potential client or customer you have met at a networking event. It can ruin your reputation and many of you have never even considered it inappropriate. And don’t start with, “Well, I’m just keeping it real.” If you want to only sell to “your tribe” and people who are like you, you are really limiting your potential. There is a reason major brands don’t talk about religion, politics or people they don’t like on their social media and that is because they want to protect their brand and increase revenue! Don’t you?? Now, if you are upset at this point, feel free to stop reading but I’m telling you the truth and what will HELP you succeed. You have to be coachable in order to keep growing, learning and getting better at everything you do. #toughlove

Third, in 2018 the FB algorithm changed big time and it made it so much harder to get engagement on sales type posts so be aware that you may not have known that what you were doing was hurting your effectiveness.

Here are my tips and this is just a big picture list.

  1. People buy you, not your products and TOTally not the ingredients in your products. People want products and services that solve their problems.
  2. If you have over 4,000 friends, know that 5,000 is your limit and you need to weed your garden. Go through your friends list and unfriend ghosted accounts and click on people you can’t remember who they are and if they are not posting on FB on a regular basis like at least once a week, then UNFriend them so you have room to add real prospects. Have teammates or “sideline” friends in your business want to friend you, ask them to Follow you instead and click “See First” so they always see your content.
  3. Use a good profile picture of just you, not your pet, not an avatar and certainly not your product. YOU are the brand.
  4. Cover photo should be a lifestyle shot of your family doing something fun or a team photo but nothing about your products, services, etc.
  5. Never mention your company name in your profile unless you work for the corporate office. I recommend using generic names that brand you and what you do, not the current company you work for because THINGS change, companies go out of business and you switch companies so BRAND YOU, not a company. EX: network marketing professional, hope dealer, mom, wife, Christian, queso lover, dog mom, etc. If you are a real estate agent or work in retail, this still applies. I would just say, “Retail Gladiator” or “Professional Real Estate Agent”.
  6. Don’t talk religion or politics. Keep your posts positive, uplifting, sharing info people want to know.
  7. GO LIVE on FB. 10 minutes before going live, click on friends and prospects and comment or heart, laugh, etc their latest post. DO NOT like their post because it means nothing to the algorithm. After your video, comment and ask another question when appropriate on EACH comment. Acknowledge each person that joins your video if you can.
  8. Lastly, if you are in a network marketing company, you need to commit to 5 years with your company before ditching it and doing another one. It took one of my friends 8 years to get to the top rank in her company which was an amazing rank to be at! Do you think she regrets how long it took or all the money she made in those 8 years? No. So, plug into training like mine, find others who you click with, get a mentor, work on your skills and mindset daily! There is a lot to learn! You will need friends and support so you enjoy the journey. I hope to provide that to you here.
  9. If you are the geek that loves knowing and sharing all the ingredients, please realize that 99% don’t care and you going on and on about it is NOT duplicatable. Use tools, videos, website info to share info and ingredients so that someone who is intimidated by lots of details sees that they can do what you do….which is share a video, PDF, website Not be an expert.
  10. I love helping women that own different businesses. It brings me joy to give you tips on marketing so you can maximize your business and share your wealth with others. If you found value in this post, it would mean the world to me if you would share it with another woman who is trying to build a business.
  11. Having nothing to do with Branding YOU or Facebook, I also have a side biz helping women. If you want to know about how I teach women to be an influencer for a company and earn $500-1000. a month, go on trips and have fun, send me a message or email at I can send you a quick video and you can let me know if it sounds like something for you.